School Overview

Located in Al Qarain in Sharjah, Sharjah International Private School boasts of itself as one of the best schools that caters to the educational needs of students who seek to pursue their high school qualifications either through Arabic or British Curriculum (Boys and Girls).
This prestigious educational organization was founded in 1996, by Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Al Qassimi, the owner and Mrs. Sawsan Abdul Fattah the Principal of the school. The school began as a small school with just the pre-school and primary section with about a hundred students on its roll. Initially, it operated from a villa in Al Fahya. In order to facilitate the increased strength of students, the school had to move over to a new campus in Al Qarain area, our present location.
The new campus opened its doors in 2008. We accommodate two separate wings-one that serves the MOE curriculum and the other that serves the British curriculum. The campus entails the Pre-Primary Section, Primary Section and the Secondary Section. With every strength in the school, grew the strength of the students in the school. Now, we are proud to say that our number of students has crossed over 2500. The cosmopolitan environment of our school entails students from over forty different nationalities. Regardless of the ethnic background they come from, we welcome them all equally wholeheartedly.
Students are admitted in the school at all levels starting from Kindergarten-1 to AS level in British Curriculum and Grade 12 in the MOE Curriculum. Students range from 4 to 18 years old at the time of admission. The students need to fulfill the requirement of a generalized skill-based entrance examination in English and Mathematics.
The new campus was recently extended to have room for Science Labs, Computer Labs and an English Language Lab. The Learning Resource Centre is another appeal that the children love to visit. They are accompanied by the English and Arabic teachers on a regular time-table basis. The school also prides its possession of play fields where students are taught different outdoor games. They are trained to participate in different inter-school competitions to bring home their accolades of sportsmanship. A well-maintained canteen with healthy and fresh food is one of the attractions that we have on offer. Water coolers, clean toilets with hand driers and sanitizers are some of the basic facilities provided by the school.
The teaching staff at Sharjah International Pvt School comprises of teachers, both male and female. The members of the teaching and the non-teaching staff hail from different parts of the world. Teachers teaching in British Section are mostly Non-Arabs, while the members of the staff in the Arabic Section are all Arabs.
The commutation to and from school is made as easy as possible by our experienced transport staff and a huge fleet of buses. The school provides transport to Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Al Dhaid, and Umm Al Quwain!

We sincerely hope that this website satisfies all your queries related to the admission procedures, academic calendar and curriculum. You are welcome to visit us personally to find out more about our esteemed organization.

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